Nail House 01-2017

Nail House Paintings

Nail Houses are an ongoing series inspired by architectural holdouts where people refuse to move for the wrecking ball.  

Based on drawings that mediate between the digital photograph and the process of painting, a simple line excludes the superfluous in search of common ground. Corporate bullies excavate around buildings, ring fence, and cut power to them, turning homes under siege, into mountaintop forts or moated castles. Set adrift in razed communities, these structures become monuments to resistance and to the people who stand ground against the odds.

Using a paired down pallet of black, white and cadmium yellow, I am trying to find a place where the forms can sit unanchored, as towering blocks or familiar items that might be picked up in the hand. Nothing is clear-cut on contested ground. The paintings become nails that stick out and cannot be hammered down, resilient to erasure or invisibility.   

 12 Nail House paintings exhibited in grid formation, 2018

12 Nail House paintings exhibited in grid formation, 2018