Connecting the Dots

The human brain is hardwired through evolution to be most receptive to vibration and repetition, we are adapted to process information by looking for known patterns and frequencies in nature. 

Information is our modern day currency. For the gnostics of the 3rd century 'information' was a kind of interpersonal historical memory. In 2010 it was estimated that more new information was generated than in the whole of the last 5,000 years and that the volume of new information produced will continue to double every 2 years.  With access to such vast quantities of information we can outsource memory. The dot connections we are able to make no longer rely on what we are able to retain individually and the interpersonal memory becomes hyperthetically global via the internet. 

In this series of experiments repetition and the flawed pattern-making of a non-machine hand challenge us to look at how we attempt to make sense of pattern and frequency in information.

Dot Variance 1-8 UP [36x28cm] carborundum Intaglio prints on Sommerset satin, 2015