My current painting series began in November 2018 marking a departure from previous work. These paintings are triggered by a process of doodling on scraps of paper. Partly automatic, the doodles are a dérive, drifting through the unconscious mind already saturated by images. Lines search out the shrapnel embedded in us by external forces to provide provisional armatures for future paintings that are; contingent, promiscuous, duplicitous, absurd, camp.

As the paintings evolve one reference leads to another, one image triggers another and they cannot help but reflect both present conditions and previous knowledge. Porous and open they make aggregated reference to histories of art, contemporary politics, personal iconographies, popular culture, social conditions and meta-memories saturated by incoming data.

These narrative figurations are Irreverent, darkly humorous and made with political intent. In a situation of increasing image circulation and misinformation, painting is a strategy for me to deal with the digital overflow. An analogue tactic and slow resistance to the electronic shrapnel and image noise that permeates life, a means to sift through the information overload to find the meaningful bits.