Rice paper, airmail paper, type and wax seal various dimensions

Rice paper, airmail paper, type and wax seal various dimensions

Dear Future

I wish to offer you and your generation an apology from my generation.

To date two generations of us have produced 300,000 tons of radioactive waste. Waste that needs to be isolated from all living things for at least 100,000 years. With our knowledge of human history we know that conditions above ground will not be stable for even 100 years... Yet that is where we leave it. Profit is our motivation and goal in all things and energy has become the prevailing currency.

We do not think about the future and our politicians care even less, so long as today we feel richer. We have failed to respect the planet, the variety of life it sustains, our fellow humans and those that will come after us.


We have dumped at least 28,000 corroding barrels at sea and piped radioactive waste into the waterways and oceans, waste leaks into our soils and water tables and still we do nothing. On land we are leaving it lying around until there is so much of it, it will inevitably poison the entire planet unless.... you do something about it.... we have left it to you.

I am ashamed, I am part of this generation and we did nothing.

My only hope is that your motivations will be different from ours, that you will learn the lessons we needed to but didn’t and that you can break the silence and lies. The most dangerous thing is not the plutonium but the lie propagated that what we are doing is safe.

Good Luck. 


A sealed envelope contains a personal letter, we presume an apology but the text is only partially visible through the thin envelope.