Installation piece composed of multiple small panels. Variable size. Work in progress.

Carbon, earth pigments and oil on plywood boards 10x15cm. 

Carbon, earth pigments and oil on plywood boards 10x15cm. 


Taking the title from Arthur Koestler’s history of man's changing vision of the universe, I started painting Sleepwalkers in 2014.  Small enough to be held in the palm of a hand, these ‘talismans’ began as a way of dealing with the death of artist and friend,  Graham Craig Smith, who lost his battle with the absurd and threw himself from a bridge. They are the most raw and directly personal works I’ve made.


As their number increases the singular journey becomes a collective migration spreading to colonise a planet. Mental illness is perhaps the price humanity is paying for the evolutionary path we have taken and this work is a reminder of what is at stake in this over-developed world.

When I have 150 the individual paintings will form one piece installed in a way that allows audiences to interact with the group, pick-up the panels, hold them, rearrange them and become actively part of the shoal.