Nail House Drawings

The drawings mediate between the photographic source and a series of paintings. The line draws the outline of things encountered, each line is individual and specific, a haptic presence left by the hand. The line is in search of the thingness of the thing, where it sits in the realm of representation, symbol or metaphor and where I might find the ambiguities, anonymities or unknowns that might give it potency.   In these drawings, whilst being inspired by very real places, i have tried to create a form so paired down that it lies on the cusp of being one thing and then another - a universal something that stands in for something else and lingers in the mind metaphorically - a conjuring line - a character with an absence of fixed boundaries.

As starting points for the paintings these drawings have to be barely there - just an idea of a thing - too much and the possibilities will be killed off.  Drawing them over and over to reach a physical form of understanding, the buildings become part of my own embodied memory and  free me to paint the things as they are.

The ground for the drawings is a mixed wash of ink and acrylic paint, the materials initially cohere but separate as they dry, activating a contested site on which to draw. There is no blank page - all land is owned and contested - only when the ink dries do we realise we are left powerless and vulnerable.

Nail House Drawing studio wall March 8 2018

small sketches