Transient Landscapes  June 2014

“Terrific exhibition! Really enjoyed your landscapes”. Eilean Eland

 “Saw the exhibition and wanted to tell you how great I thought it was! Your work has really developed and I thought it was fantastic – “  Linda Hajdukiewicz

"These are great. But you have to stand back to see what they are". Moia Joy aged 9

"Creative opens the mind – made me think! Different moods – colour – thank you"  P.Perly

"These pics have given you so much joy – and you’ve passed that on to us. God bless you." Wlg

"Refreshing approach, nice work"  T&G Brown

"Loved the colour. The abstract / real landscapes seem to jump out at you and pull you into their dreamy image, psychadellic I would say – great. Sara Chambers"

"This exhibition presents moments of joy and contemplation in time and space. There is movement and stasis; a journey and a destination. The colour is brilliant, truncated with shapes and shadows that give representation, resonance and euphoria in close succession. Wonderful!" Bev Zalcock

"Love the shimmering colour, fleeting glimpses and other worldliness of the familiar. So impressed by all the work. I liked the sense of movement and dislocation, so different from the still French paintings. I think my fave was Gill's road. Liked the Acid Yellow Fields too and the ones with telegraph poles in. Really nice etchy kind of feel to the painting of the foreground hedgerows in Memory map to Braunton which I wanted to see more of. Loved those two Dartmoor drypoints too. The passion behind what you do really comes through but all held together formally too.  Congratulations".  Max Burrows 

DEVON LIFE   June 4 2014