Selected Work chronological  

Transducer 3
Free Fall Laura Hudson 2015 - 7 copy

Transducers (work in progress)

Drawing Series, Bideford Black pigment on news sheet. [78x59cm] 2017 

Development drawings for sculptural sound installation work.

Transducer n: a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa.


The Sleepwalkers (work in progress)

Oil, carbon and earth pigments on plywood panels. 10x15cm x 100+

Small enough to be held in the palm of a hand these ‘talismans’ started as a way of dealing with the suicide of an artist friend. As their number increases the singular journey becomes a collective migration spreading to colonise a planet. Mental illness is perhaps the price humanity is paying for the evolutionary path we’ve taken. This series of small work will eventually form a single whole, installed in a way that allows audiences to interact with the shoal.



Free Fall

Free Fall; time-based Sculpture, rusted steel, sand and time, 2015-2016.       

A cube of rusted sheet steel is filled with a body weight of sand and suspended from above while the sand trickles from a small aperture onto the ground. Unlike an hourglass the sand is not hermetically sealed, it will not flow in a measured way and cannot be turned to start again, its duration is finite.