Passing Through Sketchbooks

Sketching on the spot, as I travel through or from the memory of a place I have just been. These 200 sketches map journeys through the South West of England.  Mapping the nature of things, fragments remembered as land passes by and shapes fold in on one another condensing time and space. The brain and the eye struggle to keep up, the hand and the land move in opposite directions, and gaps emerge. It is in the gaps - between one state - one place - and another. In the time lapse between the experience and the process that something else happens. These sketches became the starting point for a series of paintings Passing Through 2013-14.

Digitized sketchbook of 200 drawings, compressed charcoal or graphite on paper. Drawn between June 2012 and June 2014 while travelling from North Devon to the South Cornish Coast.