Performative Traces

Five Minute Drawing, McCall

I am interested in drawing as a record of events, places or times, performative traces where the process informs or becomes the drawing.

Anthony McCall's Five Minute Drawing was first performed at Art Meeting Place, London, in 1974. Standing in front of the wall, he stretched a string to make a long diagonal that approximates the length of his outstretched arms and then snapped the string coated in a dark pigment which left it's trace on the wall. The drawing took roughly five minutes to make hence the title. McCall has said  “This drawing is one of a number of works in which I explored the idea that the unfolding of the idea, the process of execution, is the object,”

Anthony McCall continues to perform his 'Five Minute Drawing' such as at the opening of the exhibition 'Time Out of Mind' curated by Todd Levin at Sprüth Magers in Berlin 2011 or The Whitechapel Gallery Drawing and Thinking Exhibition 

Further Reading On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century  By Cornelia H. Butler, M. Catherine de Zegher, Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.), and Anthony McCall: Notebooks and Conversations published by Lund Humphries.